putting the fun back into riding

Colesfield Saddle club puts the fun back into riding for those of you that have lost your way and raises money for local charities whilst doing so

Welcome to Colesfield Saddle

Colesfield Saddle Club 1st Birthday Celebrations

Colesfield Saddle Club was started in November 2005 at Weston near Honiton and we have gone from strength to strength. So much so that at present we are full. however, please keep your eyes peeled for more information on membership status.

The aim of Colesfield Saddle Club is to provide low Level competitions, fun rides, Le-Trec, rallies and days to suit the supporters.

There are many horse riders of all levels and ages that are not confident enough to join their local riding club, the mere thought of this is daunting for them.

We hope that after a season with us they will then go on to support the Riding Club that suits their needs.Cross Country at Green Acres

Every alternate money making show, competition or rally will have the funds donated to a charity chosen by the supporters.

Our aim is to make a little money for local charities and to have lots of "FUN" whilst doing this.

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